In America, one privilege we enjoy is having choices. The choice of what book to read, what to watch on television, which flavor ice cream to eat, and so on. Being able to select your first choice of any options or choices is even more gratifying.

The Waynesboro Area School District is working to provide the First Choice in education for its stakeholders.

  • The Community’s First Choice in a school district for which it supports.

  • A Parent’s First Choice in a school system for which to trust their child’s education.

  • An Employee’s First Choice of an organization in which to want to work.

  • The District provides the preparation in order for a Student to realize his/her First Choice in post-secondary plans.

The Waynesboro Area School District has a long path to travel to meet the demands of being every stakeholder’s First Choice, but it is a vision worthy of aspiring to as a First Choice School District. In this area of our website, we will provide several items that will accumulate over time and demonstrate our work towards First Choice. The items are to help inform and provide transparency.

Please enjoy these items as we all begin to learn more about and understand our vision of First Choice.