The information below is an excerpt from the PDE Home Education and Tutoring Guide (Page 21).  The guide can be found at the link listed below. Please access the PDE guide to answer your homeschooling questions and access copies of the required homeschool paperwork or see link at the bottom left of this page for blank affidavits under school docs.

PDE Home Education and Tutoring Guide 

STEP 1- How to Begin a Homeschooling Program: the Affidavit (P.21)

A home education program is established by the submission of a notarized affidavit, needed dental / medical records, and the educational objectives for the school year.  This paperwork is submitted to the student’s district of residence, by the home education supervisor (this is the parent, guardian or person having legal custody of the child).

STEP 2- Documenting the Program: the Portfolio (P.21)

During the school year, the home education supervisor is responsible to maintain a portfolio of records and materials, demonstrating that an appropriate education is occurring. 

STEP 3- Closing out the Year: the Evaluation (P. 21)

A written evaluation of the home education program must be submitted by the home education supervisor to the district no later than June 30 for the closing school year.

The evaluation must be completed by a qualified home education evaluator.  The evaluation is to be based on an interview of the student and a review of the portfolio; it must state whether an appropriate education has occurred for the student for the closing school year. 

Home Education Paperwork that is Submitted to WASD

***Please submit notarized affidavits, supporting documentation 

(medical / dental information and educational objectives), 

and end of the year evaluations to: 

Erica McDonald

Supervisor of Special Education

210 Clayton Avenue

Waynesboro PA 17268

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