Future Ready

In November 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Education launched the FutureReady Index for all schools across the Commonwealth. The FutureReady Index is comprised of multiple facets and is put together like a report card for schools and school districts. Focus points included school attendance, Keystone and PSSA score growth, graduation rate, Career Readiness and more. The Waynesboro Area School District is proud of our successes for the 2018-19 school year. Below are links to a Powerpoint that explains in detail the FutureReady Index for Waynesboro, as well an explanation on the FutureReady Index for the Commonwealth, and a link to the Future Ready Index website so you can see how your student's school performed in the 2018-19 school year. Additionally, there is an A-TSI letter regarding areas of improvement for the Waynesboro Ares Senior High School. With the district's understanding of the FutureReady Index, love and passion for learning, we are well on our way to being First Choice. 

WASD Future Ready Presentation

Future Ready Website


A-TSI Plan for WASHS