Attention Waynesboro Area School District Families:

To ensure that all children have access to nutritious meals during the 2021-2022 school year, the USDA has approved schools to serve FREE meals to all students.

The Waynesboro Area School District (WASD) will be providing FREE breakfasts and lunches for ALL children ages 18 and under for the 2021-2022 school year. All breakfast and lunch meals will be free for all learners every school day, regardless of income.

In Person Learners – Learners in District buildings will continue to enjoy meals served from the cafeteria as normal at breakfast and lunch, but all MEALS WILL BE FREE for the 2021-2022 school year. Ala carte purchases, including beverages, chips, snacks, extra entres, etc. will still be available for purchase with cash or money on accounts. Please remind your learner, they must have three of the five components on their tray, in order to receive the free meal. If the learner is not sure they have 3 of the 5 components, cafeteria staff can assist them. (Please note In Person Learners are not eligible for Wednesday Pick-ups)

Attention: Please be sure to apply for free/reduced meal status, even though all learners receive free meals. There are many other benefits through state and federal programs that your learner could be eligible for, if their status is free or reduced.

District Hybrid Learners, Outside Cyber Learners, Homeschool Learners and Public children 18 years and under – Meal pick-ups will start on Wednesday September 1, 2021 and continue every Wednesday. Meal pick up will be from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm at the High School courtyard and Mowrey Elementary back parking lot. Each child will receive 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches on Wednesday pick-ups. Meal counts will be reduced in weeks when there is less than 5 instructional days. A meal sign up link will be posted on the district website, with directions below. The sign-up link is applicable to all children 18 and under, including younger children who are not enrolled in the District.

Meals are prepared based upon the sign-up numbers received, so please sign up each week if you intend to pick-up meals

Sign Up for Hybrid Learners, Outside Cyber Learners, Homeschool Learners and Public children 18 years and under: Parents and/or learners will need to sign up each week to receive these meals. Click here to sign up for the Food Service Department, Free Meal Program. Sign-ups will occur Thursday-Monday by 12:00pm the week before the actual pick up Wednesday.

If the learner returns to the district school buildings as an In Person Learner, that learner will then be eligible for free meals in the building and not be eligible for Wednesday pick-up meals.

If you have any questions, please contact the Food Service Department

Ruth Helman                                    Rebecca Hess

Supervisor of Food Services          Secretary/Bookkeeper of Food Services    

717-762-1191 ext 1171                   717-762-1191 ext 1208