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Our Mission

Empowering individuals for future opportunities - First Choice

Our Vision

First Choice will graduate responsible citizens prepared to work, serve, succeed and compete in an evolving society.


Our Values

  • We believe all learners are unique and have the ability to learn and succeed.

  • We believe learners should have exposure to a diverse curriculum, including academics, the arts, and athletics.

  • We believe learners learn best when educators utilize research-based, engaging teaching strategies.

  • We believe learners should have access to emerging technologies within the school environment.

  • We believe a dedicated, knowledgeable, and well-trained staff is fundamental to accomplish our educational goals and ensure learner success.

  • We believe families are fundamental to the learning process and learning is maximized when families and schools work together.

  • We believe supportive families ensure their children attend school regularly and come prepared to learn.

  • We believe collaboration and commitment within our school community is essential for the success of all learners.

  • We believe our school community should be an environment that promotes independence, positive self-esteem, resiliency, and a sense of belonging.

  • We believe our school community should provide a safe and structured environment that encourages responsibility, initiative, and excellence.

Our Community

For much of its history, Franklin County was characterized by traditional Pennsylvania small towns amidst the bucolic agricultural landscape of the Cumberland Valley, framed by South Mountain and Blue Mountain. Even as the attractive, rural character remains, cities and towns have grown, and the economy and workforce have diversified, first into manufacturing and, in recent decades, toward transportation and warehousing, as well as an assortment of other activities, including health care and education. Sitting astride the Interstate 81 corridor and at the western edge of Megalopolis, the county has varying levels of accessibility to the large metropolitan areas on the Eastern Seaboard. All of this has brought sustained growth and has transformed Franklin County into a diverse, vibrant, and officially designated metropolitan area. This expansion and transformation necessitate a thorough inventory and assessment of housing characteristics, needs, market dynamics, and other factors in order to preserve the county's economic opportunity, environmental quality, and high quality of life.

-Housing Assessment for Franklin County PA


Note From Our Superintendent

The Waynesboro Area School District (WASD) has a tradition of performing well in academics and extracurricular activities. The last two years were challenging due to the pandemic and the issues associated with it, but not challenging enough to prevent WASD from providing a great environment for the children of this community. Due to our desire to achieve our vision and become the “First Choice” school district for the community, parents, employees, and, especially, students, we continue to offer in-person and various other instructional options to learners. This vision is possible because we are blessed with hardworking, talented, and dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff. It is an honor to be the superintendent of schools in this wonderful community. Please be assured that the WASD staff and the Board of School Directors are committed to our mission of educating and empowering students for future success. The WASD will do all it can to provide a safe, healthy and educational environment for all of our learners. There will still be hurdles, but also successes throughout the school year. Nevertheless, we still intend to provide the most individualized educational opportunities for our students than ever before. This spring, the US News & World Report rated the Waynesboro Area Senior High School No. 1 in Franklin County. The rating is a reflection of the students, families, community and the people who work for the school district. That is why WASD is #BoroStrong.

-Rita Sterner-Hine, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools


Lisa Stepler-Special Education Secretary

Lisa Stepler, Special Education Secretary

I enjoy the comradery of our department and building staff. It's great to work in an atmosphere where we all support each other when necessary.

Lisa Sebure

Lisa Seburn, WASD Custodian

I really enjoy working at the WASD. We have a great team here at the Waynesboro Area Senior High School!  I take great pride in working with the staff at WASD keeping the building clean and promoting the best learning environment for our students!

Mark Klink-WAMS Assistant Principal

Mark Klink, Assistant Principal

I feel very fortunate to have attended the Waynesboro Area School District as a student. Now that I have the opportunity to be an Assistant Principal at WAMS, I realize that my educational journey has come "full circle."

Our Focus

From: School-Centered

To: Learner-Centered

Learning happens in schools.

Learning happens in learners.

Education is done to the learner.

Education is done by (and with) the learner.

Learners are known by how they compare to their class averages on standardized tests.

Learners are known as individuals - each with their own unique strengths, interests, and goals.

Learners must be compelled to perform.

Learners want to learn.

Focus on having the most effective teaching.

Focus on having the most effective learning.

The learner adapts to the standardized system.

The system adapts to the unique learner.

Effectiveness is achieved through standardization.

Effectiveness is achieved through customization.

All learners follow standard paths at standard paces and demonstrate mastery in standardized ways.

Each learner moves on their own path at an appropriate and adaptable pace and can demonstrate proficiency in many ways.

Teach to the average learner and manage exceptions as problems.

Ever learner is exceptional. The uniqueness of learners is not a problem but, instead, something to build on.

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