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American Revolution

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 8th Grade Social Studies

American History

Native Americans/Literature


General History


Revolutionary War

American History


1. American History - The History Channel

2. Eyewitness To History - A U.S. News Search Site for

3. American History Timeline

4. US History on the Web

5. United States History

7. Jamestown

A. Learn--Historic Jamestown

B. Virtual Jamestown

8. African-American Firsts

9. Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History

10. History Timelines on the Web ... Eduseek

11. Famous Firsts by African Americans

12. Civil Rights Timeline

13. History Timelines on the Web



1. CyberSleuthkids: World Explorers and Explorations

2. Discoverers Web Homepage - links and information on voyages of discovery

3. Explorer Hot Topic List

4. European Explorers Theme Page

5. Explorers #1

6. Explorers #2

7. Explorers #3

8. Explorers #4

9. Explorers - EnchantedLearning.com

10. Famous Explorers

11. Who Goes There: European Exploration of the New World




1. FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

2. Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

3. Ancestry.com - The most popular genealogy and family history site

4. Genealogy.com

5. RootsWeb.com Home Page

6. Baby Names! Baby Names! Baby Names!

7. Ellis Island

8. American Family Immigration History Center

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Native Americans

1. NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art

2. Southwest Tribes - Art, Religion, etc.

3. Pacific Northwest Coastal Indian Life

4. Native American Images: People, Photographs, Places, Stories, Southwest America, Native American Links

5. Native American Culture Lesson

6. The First Americans

7. American Indian Culture Research Center

8. American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection

9. First Nations Histories

10. Awesome Library - Native Americans

11. Shelters of Native Americans

12. Native Housing

13. Native Languages of the Americas: Native American Cultures

14. American Indian Tribes & Cultures


Native American Literature

1. The Sioux

2. Native American Culture

3. Native American Legends, Myths, & Lore

4. Myths & Legends of the Sioux

5. Coyote Stories /Poems

6. Rabbit Stories

7. Turtle Island Myth

8. Superstitions & Legends

9. Indian Lore Index

10. How the Great Chiefs Made the Moon & Sun

11.The Origin of Game and of Corn


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General History

1. World History by History Link 101

2. World History : HyperHistory

3. The Encyclopedia of World History, Sixth Edition. 2001

4. General History

5. History Channel

6. World War II - Includes Nazi Rule, Jews in Germany, the "Final Soultion", Nazi Camps, Rescue and Resistance.


Revolutionary War


1. American Revolutionary Period - Battles

2. Campaigns of the Revolutionary War


1. Biographies of the Revolutionary War

2. Biographical Information of Revolutionary War Persons

3. Biography of George Washington - From revolution to reconstruction


1. The American Revolution - Causes, biographies & timeline of the American Revolution

2. Revolutionary War Era - Causes, documents, battles & personalities

3. Prelude To the Revolution

3. The Basics of the Revolutionary War

General Research Sites

1. The American Revolution Index

2. Kid Information of the American Revolution

3. Virtual marching tour of the American Revolution

4. Revolutionary War Web Sites 1701-1791

5. Research & Informational Sites for the Revolutionary War

6. Spy Letters of the American Revolution


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