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7th Grade Social Studies

Ancient Cultures


Africa and the Americas

General Information - the Greeks


General History & The Revolutionary War


Black History

Mr. Carlson's Web Page

Mr. Moats' Web Page

Mrs. Finney's Web Page

Ancient Cultures

1. Ancient Civilizations For Kids

2. Ancient and Classic Cultures

3. Carthage

4. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

5. The History Channel

6. History For Kids

7. Jerusalem Tour

8. Phoenicia

9. Phoenician Alphabet

10. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

11. Yahooligans Ancient History13. World History by History Link 101

 Africa and the Americas

1. Wonders of the African World

2. Ancient Horn of Africa: Axum (Aksum)

3. NOVA Online | Lost Tribes of Israel | Mystery of Great Zimbabwe

4. Collapse -- Mali & Songhai

5. Songhai

6. Old World Contacts/Merchants & Traders/Kilwa

7. The Story of Africa| BBC World Service - Great Zimbabwe

8. The Story of Africa| BBC World Service - The Swahili

9. The Story of Africa| BBC World Service - Songhay

10. Art & Archeology : Kush: Black Africa's Earliest Civilization

11. Ancient Civilizations For Kids - China - Mesopotamia - Egypt - Kush - Phoenicia - Pompeii - Hebrews - Greece - Rome - India - Other


 Black History

1. Black History Month

2. Biographies of Black Americans

3. African American Inventors and Inventions

4. African American Artists

5. African American History

6. Gale - Free Resources - Black History Month - Biographies - Home

7. Surfing the Net with Kids: Black History Month

8. Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History

9. Interviews With Slaves

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1. Egyptian Mythological Deities

2. NOVA Online/Pyramids -- The Inside Story

3. Egypt Antiquities & Ancient Egypt Information presented by Tour Egypt: Official Site of the Ministry of Tourism, Egypt

4. King Tut

5. Online Hieroglyphics Translator

6. Hieroglyphics

7. Ancient Egypt - History For Kids




1. NetState -This site shows capitals as well as information

2. USA Geography Quiz3. 50states.com - States and Capitals4. Stately Knowledge5. MapQuest




1. Greece - People in History

2. Biographies, The Scientists: A List.3. Archimedes Home Page4. Aristarchus and the Heliocentric Theory

5. Ancient Greece - History For Kids

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General Information
[ The Greeks ]


General History

1. World History by History Link 101

2. World History : HyperHistory

3. The Encyclopedia of World History, Sixth Edition. 2001

4. Paul Halsall/Fordham University: Internet History Sourcebooks Project

5. History Channel6. Ancient Civilizations


Revolutionary War

1. The Basics of the Revolutionary War

2. Kid Information of the American Revolution

3. Colonial Hall - Biographies and Documents of the Revolutionary War

4. Virtual marching tour of the American Revolution

5. Biographical Information of Revolutionary War Persons

6. Revolutionary War Web Sites

7. American Revolutionary Period

8. Revolutionary War Pathfinder


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