Washington DC Web Quest


1. Use this link for the United States Capital Building and wait a moment for the page to load. Click on Discover for access to several videos about the capital. Click on History of the US Capital and write down one fact you learned from the video.


2. Use the back arrow or click on United States Capital Building link again. Click on Explore and click on the Supreme Court. Read the Overview and find on what the architect based the design of the Supreme Court building.


3. Which three "Charters Of Freedom" are housed in the exhibit hall of the National Archives Building?


4. How many rooms are in the White House? (Hint: Look for White House History and scroll down to the first bulleted item.) Which president gave the White House its current name?


5. Click on the Interactive Tour of the White House and look for the kitchen to see a video of the New Orleans Saints visiting the White House in 2009.


6. How tall is the Washington Monument?


7. Who was the architect of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial?


8. On the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial website, click on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). How many names are on the Wall?
Does this number ever change?


9. The new Martin Luther King Memorial is located along the Tidal Basin in a direct line between which two other memorials?


10. What is the address of the Martin Luther King Memorial and what is the significance of that address?


11. Look at the pictures of the Martin Luther King Memorial. Describe the shape and pieces of the memorial.


12. How tall is the statue in the Jefferson Memorial? (Hint: read the 2nd paragraph)


13. Open the map of the National Mall. Two important monuments/buildings are on either end of the Mall. What are they? (Hint: one is on 1st Street and one is near 14th Street). Locate the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum.


14. At the American History Museum there is an ongoing exhibit called American Stories. List two things you might see there.


15. Take the Panoramic Virtual Tour at the Natural History Museum. Use the Map button to find at least two exhibits you would like to visit.


16. Name something you will see suspended from the ceiling at the Air and Space Museum.


17. Why was the Smithsonian Institution "Castle" built?


18. Is there any significance to the number of steps up to the Lincoln Memorial? (Hint: click on Frequently Asked Questions). You may want to check out the Interactive Site.


19. Arlington National Cemetary is the final resting place for men and women who have served in the armed forces of the United States. How many funerals are performed each day?


20. Using the scroll bar on interactive map find three historic figures buried in the Arlington National Cemetary. Then click on one of the Places of Interest and write something you learned.



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