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Conestoga Wagons


Misc. Info

Flags & Symbols


Famous Pennsylvanians

Abe Lincoln & Gettysburg

Underground Railroad


State Museum Web Quest

Celebrate Winter Holiday Web Quest

The First Thanksgiving Web Quest


1. Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission

2. Pioneers

3. Explore PA History

Federal Government

The White House

Pennsylvania Government

1. Pennsylvania State Capitol Virtual Tour

2. The PA. General Assembly

3. The Pennsylvania Judicial System

4. The Government - U.S. vs. State

5. The PA. State Government

6. The PA. State Government On-line

7. Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

8. Office of the Governor of Pennsylvania

9. PA Kid's Site




 The Underground Railroad

1. Underground Railroad - National Geographic

2. Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

3. The Harriet Tubman Time Line

4. Explore PA History


Conestoga Wagons

1. Conestoga Wagon - Wikipedia

2. The Conestoga Wagon -

3. Explore PA History - Conestoga Wagons



1. Covered Bridges of PA

2. Historic Bridges of PA

3. PA Covered Bridges

Miscellaneous Information

1. Topographical Map OF PA

Waynesboro, PA

1. The Greater Waynesboro Area Chamber Of Commerce

2. Borough of Waynesboro

3. Renfrew Museum and Park

4. Renfrew Institute for Cultural and Environmental Studies

5. Waynesboro Historical Society

6. Alexander Hamilton Memorial Library


Flags & Symbols

1. Pennsylvania's Flag

2. PA Agricultural Study Guide


Abe Lincoln & Gettysburg

1. Lincoln At Gettysburg - Photos

2. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address



 Famous Pennsylvanians


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