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Earth Day


Water Cycle

Endangered Animals

Simple Machines


FOSSWEB - inclusive site with activities, photos, movies on insects,
animal babies, plants, matter, trees, air & weather, balance & motion

Study Jams - Solids, Liquids, Gases

Science Monster

Science Bob

Fun School Science Games

Kids Planet

Animal Sites

What Kind of Animal?

Ocean, forest, backyard as well as endangered animals are covered

1. Animal Habitats

2. The Magic School Bus Habitats Game

3. The Wild Classroom - rainforests


 Farm Animals

ABCTEACH Farm Animal Unit

Animal Sounds - Choose an animal to hear it's sounds

1. Let's Learn About Farm Animals

2. All About Farm Animals

3. Farm Animals Around The World - Enchanted Learning

4. Web Quest For Farm Animals

5. Dairy Farm Page -

6. Animal Information - Yahooligans



1. Mammals - From Zoom School

2. Mammals - From Yahooligans

3. Wild Animals

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Spring Sites

1. Brain Pop-Spring

Autumn Sites
1. The Story Of Johnny Appleseed

2. Johnny Appleseed - on-line Coloring

3. An Apple Tree Through The Seasons - printout

4. Johnny Appleseed Quiz

5. Autumn Quiz

6. Apple Fun

Winter Sites

1. Snow Puzzles

2. Animal Habitats Scramble - Game

3. Penguin Puzzle

4. Build A Snowman

5. Hibernation - Power Point Presentation

6. Winter Games

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 The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle - Clip

Water Cycle Adventure

1. Learn About the Water Cycle - Includes pictures which explain the Water Cycle as well as Activity Pages and Educational Games Page.

2. Water - A Never-ending Story

3. The Water Cycle From Kidzone

4. Learning About the Water Cycle

5. All About the Water Cycle

6. Make A Water Cycle Wheel - Easy Activity, Requires A Printer

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Earth Day

1. Earth Day For Kids

2. Kids Planet

3. Earth Day Concentration

4. When Greenville Turned Brown

5. Sharon Finds The Environment - Story

6. Learn About Recycling


Endangered Animals & Plants

Save Our Species

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1. The Great Plant Escape

2. Dottie's Garden - Planting Seeds

3. Helping Plants Grow well

 Simple Machines

1. Simple Machines - Edheads

2. Simple Machines -


1. Kids Astronomy

2. NASA For Kids


1. Weather Wiz Kids

2. National Weather Service - Playtime For Kids

3. The Weather Bug



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