Waynesboro Area School District Dress Code

REVISED: August 8, 2017

Although students exhibit different styles of clothing, it is important that our dress reflects good taste and is appropriate for school. The clothing of the student shall not be disruptive, cause unnecessary comments, or bring undue attention to the wearer. If a staff member feels a student’s apparel is distracting to the educational process, the student will be sent to an administrator who will make the final judgment. If a student is dressed in an unacceptable manner, as determined by the administration, the student may be asked to go home to change. Notification to parent/guardian will occur, if necessary, to obtain a change of clothing and appropriate discipline will be administered should the dress code violation persist.


  1. Jeans and Pants with rips and tears are acceptable as long as they are located at or below the knee. Rips and tears above the knee are only acceptable if skin is NOT showing.
  2. Yoga pants are acceptable, but cannot be sheer or see through. Leggings are acceptable. They cannot be sheer or see through and the buttocks must be covered. Skinny Jeans are acceptable.
  3. Undergarments must not be exposed in any way.

Unacceptable School Attire:

  1. Tank tops and muscle shirts are not acceptable for male or female students.
  2. Spaghetti strap/halter/mesh tops are not acceptable.
  3. See-through blouses or shirts cannot be worn without an undershirt or tank top.
  4. Tube tops and crop tops are not acceptable.
  5. Any top that is skin-tight or allows the stomach, cleavage or undergarments to be exposed it not permitted.
  6. Coats, jackets or garments designed for protection from the outside weather are not to be worn in school.
  7. Hooded sweatshirts are acceptable but wearing the hood is not.


  1. Pants and shorts must be secured and worn above the hip and no undergarments be shown.
  2. Tear-away pants (snap pants) and boxer shorts worn as outwear is not permitted.
  3. Shorts, skirts, and rompers shall be of sufficient length. The length of these articles of clothing shall be no shorter than four (4) inches above the tops of the knee when standing.
  4. Cut-off pants or shorts are permitted as long as they are of appropriate length.

Offensive Dress:

  1. Clothing, patches, buttons, pins, jewelry, and back packs are not permitted if they:
    1. Have suggestive writing/pictures.
    2. Advocate violence.
    3. Advertise or promote the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
    4. Have double meaning wording or obscene language.


  1. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  2. Flip flops and high heeled shoes (heels greater than one inch) are not acceptable for K-5 students.


  1. Spiked jewelry, chains or any jewelry that could cause injury, constitute a hazard or disrupt the learning are not permitted.

Head Wear:

  1. Hats, caps, bandanas, sunglasses, visors, and sweatbands are not permitted, unless medically necessary or for religious reasons.
  2. Hoods from sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies cannot be worn.

Health and Hygiene:

  1. Any apparel that is judged to be unhealthy or unsanitary (e.g. clothing that is dirty and/or gives off a foul odor) is not permitted.

Each student is expected to maintain good personal hygiene.