Braves Block serves many purposes at WAMS. It should be a productive period to end the school day.

- Students are expected to be in their assigned seat in Braves Block before the bell rings.
- Students may go to their lockers before Braves Block, however backpacks, coats and any other items that will be taken home should remain in students' lockers until the dismissal bell.
- Student are expected to bring work to complete during Braves Block. This may include:

- Complete homework due the following school day.
- Study for an upcoming test/quiz
- See another teacher for help/tutoring
- Make up assignments/test/quizzes missed due to an excused absence from school
- Work on a project/lab/activity
- Read a book

- Students are expected to work quietly during Braves Block.
- Some students will be attending special activities and clubs during Braves Block.
- Students are to report directly to these activities on the scheduled day. These include:

- Physical Education
- Band
- Chorus
- Yearbook

- Students are expected to be in their final destinations by 1:55 PM. There should not be any students in the hallways after 1:55 PM. Exceptions to this rule include the mobile library, mobile student store, and emergencies.

- Student MUST receive E-Hallpasses for Braves Block.